What to Expect on Your First Visit

The First Massage Session – What to Expect

Getting a massage can be a great experience! It is important to know what will take place and how it will happen. Read below to learn what happens before a massage, during and after the massage. You will get a chance to learn more about the full process and how enjoyable it can be. So grab a drink, and let’s get started!

Before the Appointment

When scheduling your massage appointment it can be tempting to place it right after another activity, but this will make you feel rushed. When you are in a rush, it will take much longer to relax and be receptive to the massage session. You will want to schedule your time so that you can arrive in a relaxed state, and not be in a hurry. You will also not want to eat right before your massage, so that your body is not processing food during the session. Also make sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids.


Clients coming to Integral Massage Therapy can park on University street.  Integral Massage Therapy is located in a newly remodeled studio.  Clients will walk down a pathway through a gate towards a building with cedar siding.   

Once inside, clients fill out a health intake form, a consent form, and insurance forms if this visit is covered by insurance.  The health history is a way to determine health and assess an appropriate treatment for each person’s condition.  It helps structure the massage session to achieve personal health and wellness goals and informs the therapist of any past or present health conditions that will direct the massage treatment.

Environment and Comfort

The treatment room has a state of the art electric table, handcrafted in Eugene, Oregon, by the local massage table company Custom Craftworks.  The electric  table, ADA certified, assists the therapist and client; it is greatly helpful to those who have difficulty getting on and off a table.  A Biomat, a table warmer filled with amethyst and tourmaline crystals, uses infrared technology to turn electronic currents into healing heat that assists the body to heal.  Amethysts heated by the sun have many healing properties. The Biomat heats the crystals and mimics the sun’s heat with infrared technology to heal.  Hydrotherapy is incorporated into the massage session.  A heated cherry pit pillow under the neck heats the neck muscle tissue.  Hot towels applied to the face are followed by a hydrosol spritz.  The  massage oil is made with organic olive oil in a cold infusion with lavender flowers

Privacy and the Massage Session

After discussing treatment plans and goals, the therapist leaves the room providing privacy for the client who then undresses to his or her level of comfort.  He or she then lies under the blanket on the table.  Clients are always draped for privacy and warmth during a session. Depending on client needs, a massage is usually a full body treatment or may focus only on one region of the body.

During the session, the client and therapist can talk or not.  The client is expected to give feedback on warmth, pressure, or levels of discomfort. If someone is uncomfortable removing their clothes they can receive Cranial Sacral Therapy, which is a clothes-on treatment. The client would need to wear loose fitted clothing for this style of bodywork.  Each massage is custom-designed to cater to the client’s needs.  The massage can last from 60 to 120 minutes.

Completing the Session

Once the massage is finished, the therapist leaves the room, giving a few minutes for recovery and redressing.  Once the client leaves the treatment room, he or she will pay for the massage treatment either by cash, check or credit card.  The client is given some purified water and is welcome make an appointment for his or her next massage.

Once you are done, try to take the rest of the day off to receive the full benefit of the massage. The benefits of massages will be more advantageous if you get a massage regularly. As you get more comfortable with the process you will find that you are more relaxed, and even energized after your massage session.

Here are some frequently asked questions you may have after your massage treatment:

Can You Bill My Insurance?
Yes, we bill private health and car insurance companies. Some Clients who may qualify for a Next-To-Nothing Massage are:
  • Bethal School District Teachers
  • LCC Employees
  • City Of Eugene employees
  • U of O Graduate Students
  • All auto accident MVA accepted

Contact Integral Massage Therapy to find out if your insurance company qualifies or if you need a doctor’s prescription.

Should I Return To Work After A Massage?
It is if fine to return to work; but it is optimal if you can avoid it.

Will The Massage Oil Damage My Clothing?
It is possible that the oil could stain your clothing. If you are concerned I would suggest to wear clothing that is not too nice or clothing you would not mind getting oil on.  Oxy-clean can help to remove oil stains.


Monday - Friday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday: Closed, except for Emergencies
Sunday: Closed

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