Benefits of Massage Therapy

Here Are Some Of The Ways Massage Therapy Can Help You

Nervous System

Eases chronic nerve pain; relieves some acute nerve pain; provides short term pain relief by applying local pressure; reduces stress levels by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system; massage has a sedative; stimulating or exhaustive effect on the nervous system; depending on the manner of application.

Musculoskeletal System

Activates relaxation mechanisms in tight muscles; releases myofascial restrictions and tension; balances muscle activity; breaks down adhesions from old injuries; reduces muscle spasms; reduces pain and swelling; provides greater joint flexibility and range of motion; helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness; helps relieve muscle tension related headaches; improves posture.

Connective Tissue

Stretches connective tissue; increases water content of connective tissue; prevents formation or break down of adhesions reducing dangers of fibrosis.


Encourages retention of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur needed for tissue repair of bone fractures.


Improves breathing; improves oxygenation of blood.


Fosters a peace of mind; promotes a positive self image; increases awareness of the whole being; elicits a whole body relaxation response; helps relieve mental stress; reduces levels of anxiety; promotes mental alertness; enhances capacity for calm thinking and creativity.


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